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Ron Jones

With over three decades of experiance, Ron Jones has always looked for ways to express himself both musically and creatively. Having scored many of TV's most popular shows such as Star Trek:The Next Generation, Disney's Duck Tales and two current hit animated series for Fox, Family Guy and American Dad. His theme for Nickelodeon's Fairly Odd Parents was the most played song on broadcast TV world-wide for thee years. Twice nominated for an Emmy, the first time for best song, the second for best dramatic score, Jones continually strives to create the best possible scores. Jones recently scored a series for Italian TV, Dritto al Cuore. His teachers include, Dick Grove, LeRoy Anderson and Lalo Schifrin.

Ron has been a educator at the graduate level in Film Scoring and orchestration. He has been a visiting lecturer at many colleges and Universities. Ron has been invited to be the keynote speaker at The International Conference on Creativity in Malta and in the former USSR as a guest of the Russian Composer's Union. He composes for symphony orchestras, choirs, jazz bands, marching groups, chamber groups, experimental music ensembles, electronic and all sorts of studio groups. Having conducted and produced hundreds of sessions for most of the Hollywood studios, Jones also guest conducts symphony orchestras in concerts. He is president of Ron Jones Productions, Inc which has been involved in scoring projects from video games to features. His music is heard around the planet everyday. He has won many awards for his composing such as the BMI TV and Film Award, The INDIE Award for Best Soundtrack of the Year and The Video Game Soundtrack of the Year Award.

In starting the Influence Jazz Orchestra he establishes himself as an upcoming force in the jazz scene in Los Angeles. The best is yet to come.

Ron has been married to his wife Laree for over 33 years and has a son, Nathan, of whom he is very proud.

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