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Due to the high level of the players, a very deep body of work can be learned and performed. It is a bit like the spirit of the Ellington Band to put new things on the stand all the time. In the studios we typically do as many as 50 cues. The players can nail it usually the first time they play a cue, according to Jones, so having this level of reading and performing allows us to do so many things.Highlights from the first performance included opening charts by John Fedchock and Gordon Goodwin and vocals with Calabria Foti a noted jazz singer with critically acclaimed recordings to her credit. The main feature of the night was Seth MacFarlane singing two popular Sinatra standards, Come Dance with me (arranged by Billy May) and You Make Me Feel So Young (Arranged by Nelson Riddle). MacFarlane who is one of Hollywood's hottest talents is not only the creator and executive producer of Fox Television's Family Guy, American Dad and the upcoming new show Cleveland, but he also is the voice of many of their characters. Seth loves singing all sorts of songs on the shows and he has a special talent for Sinatra's songs so it was a natural to ask him to sing with the band. His mastery and talent as a vocalist was in full form. The audience demanded an encore which brought down the house. No one expected the Monday night crowd to stay through both sets, let alone give a standing ovation to the band at the end of the performance. continued